Adhering to cybersecurity best practices involves more than properly configuring a firewall.  In fact, it is a full on race to stay ahead of threats that continue to develop and advance in their sophistication, and to keep end users trained as attacks become better at targeting individuals.

We use a holistic approach to ensure that our clients take every possible action to prevent compromise to their organization.


Epsilon understands the protection that every business needs when it comes to securing their data networks. That is why we have incorporated a suite of tools and technologies into our Security Compliance Services. Epsilon has partnered with BeyondTrust® and RapidFire Tools® for their advanced security and vulnerability assessment tools. These tools offer comprehensive scans for threat detection including:

  • Overall Organization Security Risk Score   
  • External Vulnerability Scan
  • Remediation Report
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • Drive Encryption Report
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan
  • Network and Security Management Plan

Through context-aware vulnerability management, these scans assist with assessments by helping prioritize vulnerabilities. With the information reported, customers know which vulnerabilities to fix, in which order, and most importantly how and why the fixes are needed.

We understand the specific security and legal requirements associated with Financial, Healthcare, and Government Industries


SecurityBusiness Cybersecurity Assessment:


  • Discover all network (local and remote), web, and virtual assets in an environment   
  • Reveal at-risk personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data
  • Identify system, application, database, OS and web application vulnerabilities
  • Prioritize remediation based on exploitability (from Core Impact®, Metasploit®, Exploit-db), CVSS, etc.
  • Confirm exploitability through penetration testing with one click to the open-source Metasploit Framework
  • Report results on based on compliance, audit, risk and other roles
  • Analyze threats to gain security intelligence
  • Share data with popular solutions for SIEM, GRC and other security management platforms
  • HIPAA and PCI standalone modules for advanced scanning services specific to your compliance regulation needs
  • Ability to audit for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on remote target

SecurityGovernment Cybersecurity Assessments:


Epsilon holds several prime contracts and subcontracts performing cybersecurity services aligned to the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Framework (RMF) (previously Defense Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process (DIACAP)). Epsilon’s DoD 8570.01-M compliant Cybersecurity experts specialize in transitioning government customers from DIACAP to RMF, guiding agencies through complex requirements and tailoring a compliant process for our customers’ critical missions.

  • Successful submission of over 40 DIACAP Certification and Accreditation (C&A) packages and over 50 RMF Assessment and Authorization (A&A) packages
  • Expertise in the following tools:
    • ACAS
    • HBSS
    • eMASS
    • DISA Vulnerator5
    • SCAP
    • DISA STIF View Checklists / Scripts
  • Compliance with:
    • ISO 27001-2016
    • DoD 8570 & 8140
    • NIST Cybersecurity Framework

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