Cloud Hosting



Epsilon’s Secure Application Virtualized Environment (SAVE) provides a smarter approach to cloud computing by adding customer site High Availability (HA) to our hosted infrastructure offering.


SAVE includes an onsite appliance to provide secure accessibility to data in the event of an internet outage, resolving a common bottleneck in most cloud solutions. This ensures that no matter the conditions – offline or online, at the office, or away, SAVE improves the survivability of an organization by giving it accessibility to critical resources both onsite and in the cloud.  Plus, we can easily integrate with your other cloud services, making authentication and security across your platforms a reality.


A Turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solution Designed for Security and Survivability


Epsilon's SAVE Solution provides:

  • Anywhere, anytime access
  • Data connectivity even without an internet connection
  • Advanced compliant security services provide your secure gateway to the cloud
  • Highly Available Data Redundancy at all times
  • System Scalability: The SAVE architecture is easy to deploy and is scalable
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery (B/DR) and Continuity of Operations (CoOP) are always included
  • Additional systems backed up into Microsoft Azure cloud



Other Features and Benefits Include:

  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Remote and secured access to desktop applications
  • Hardware and software agnostic

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