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Next Generation Secure Multi Access Edge Computing



Epsilon’s Secured Application Virtualized Environment, or SAVE, is a modern Secure Multi Access Edge Computing (SMEC) platform that lets you assemble hybrid cloud infrastructures with maximum availability, security, performance, and scalability. SAVE is a turnkey infrastructure-as-a-service solution that lets you have the best of both worlds: the progressiveness and flexibility of the cloud, and the dependability, security, and speed of an in-house system.

Unlike other cloud products, SAVE includes datacenter access integrated with an onsite appliance which guarantees uptime, even during internet outages. The onsite appliance is a minimalistic, ruggedized, hyper-converged datacenter all in about the size of a mailbox.

SAVE is a true ubiquitous computing platform. It empowers you to work from anywhere, with any amount of data. It eliminates the need for localized data centers and self-managed infrastructures, saving you a lot of time and money, and giving you that invaluable peace of mind. 

SAVE enables you to seamlessly integrate your private cloud environments, with any number of public cloud services, and back to your users’ geographical locations. Your company’s cloud resources, applications, and data are all brought closer to you and your employees. 

SAVE was engineered by Epsilon subject matter experts in the fields of enterprise security and infrastructure design. SAVE utilizes best-in-breed hardware and software security modules to provide customers a powerful, secure, and seamlessly integrated solution across all platforms.  As your business footprint grows, SAVE can grow with it. To meet new performance, security, or redundancy demands that come with new facilities or offices, a business can simply add new SAVE onsite appliance to each site. This in turn provides secure data and application access to each new site without any downtime or hassle.

Some of the game-changing benefits of choosing SAVE include: 

  • Highly Interoperable: Direct, seamless integrations with numerous public cloud services. Build a truly diverse ecosystem, with all your favorite components, data, and applications, working harmoniously with one another.
  • Highly Available: In this fast-moving, competitive world of today, you can’t risk downtime. SAVE keeps your systems alive, even when your internet is dead. 
  • Highly Performant: A compact hyper-converged architecture, with very little infrastructure footprint, that does so much, yet never compromises on performance. SAVE is an ideal fit for even the most resource-intensive deployments. 
  • Highly Scalable: Deploy as many units, as and when you need. 
  • Highly Secure and Resilient: Built by security and compliance experts, SAVE is secure by design. Use it to log in securely across various platforms and devices. Various layers of security protect against the biggest cybersecurity threats. 
  • The Power of Edge: Fastest access to everything that you and your people need, spread across various private and public clouds. 
  • One Appliance to Rule it all: From your local systems, and your private clouds to public clouds and all your applications; everything is connected to your SAVE Onsite Appliance. 
  • Business Continuity: Numerous redundancy layers ensure that your data is adequately and always backed up. Epsilon’s SAVE environment can flex to the specific Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements that your business’s disaster recovery plan requires. 
  • Highly Supportable: If ever you hit a snag, you can count on us to have your back. Our 24/7 helpdesk has friendly, trained professionals (not bots), who will answer all your questions, and resolve all your issues.
  • Priced Right: Consumption-based pricing model that any business can afford.


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